Enlightenment and personality development of younger generation through modern education and training to make them compatible to the need and asset to the nation.

  • Improving quality education in modern & traditional, and technical & professional disciplines to enable the younger generation to think globally and act nationally.

  • Educating the new generation in contemporary knowledge and skill with emphasizing moral values.

  • Diversifying teaching programmes in changing situation to keep pace with the world economic scenario.

  • Developing better infrastructure and academic environment for attainment of quality education for different background of students.

  • To channelize the potential of younger generation towards constructive activities with global approach to bring about peace, tranquility, prosperity and bliss to the society.

  • To illuminate the college with the light of education along with an all round development of personality othe students.

  • To prepare the students for Career opportunities in any Competitive examination.

  • To enhance the knowledge of the student Community beyond their thought and imagination.

  • To build excellent Community relationship by striving to make the college a centre of art, culture and intellectual activities of the local people.

  • To impart higher education in the discipline of Arts, science and commerce.

  • To develop the inner potentialities in them to pave the way for a realistic life.

  • To get introduced with career oriented programmes.

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